Pachacamac is a character that appears in Sonic X. He was the chief of an ancient clan of echidnas from Sonic's world, and the father of Tikal. When Pachacamac launched an attack to steal the Chaos Emeralds  to seize power, he and his warriors incurred the wrath of Chaos and was subsequently killed by the creature.


Long ago, Pachacamac led his clan on a series of conquests by attacking other countries, where they committed acts like plundering and hurting the innocent. One day, when Pachacamac heard that an unnamed neighboring tribe mounted an attack at Angel Island, he sat his eyes on the seven Chaos Emeralds that resided at the shrine for some Chao and decided to steal them to gain power to use against the invaders. However, he faced opposition from Tikal, who had had enough of her father's warmongering ways. When Tikal tried to talk him out of his plans, Pachacamac insisted that the Chaos Emeralds' power was needed for the good of their people.

Despite Tikal's pleas for a peaceful alternative, Pachacamac launched an attack on the Chaos Emeralds' shrine with his warriors. As they were on the verge of getting the Chaos Emeralds, Tikal stood in the way. Pachacamac told Tikal that they needed the Chaos Emeralds' power for the clan's own welfare, but Tikal refused to him go through with it. Standing by the clan's choice and not interested in wasting time on Tikal, Pachacamac ordered his warriors to storm the shrine, trampling over Tikal and the Chao in the process. When Pachacamac reached the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos appeared before him and his men, furious at them for harming the Chao and Tikal. Pachacamac was then enveloped in energy as Chaos used the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Perfect Chaos, and was seemingly vaporized with his Clan.


Pachacamac was shown to be a cruel, power-hungry and greedy warmonger, and would justify his acts of war by claiming that it was for the good of his clan. He held little fatherly love towards Tikal, willing to order his warriors to trample over her to get what he wanted. Before his death, Pachacamac was shocked to see Chaos before the Chaos Emeralds.


  • In this media, Pachacamac's muzzle and eyebrows are tan, as opposed to Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut where they are white.