Megan Hollingshead
Megan Hollingshead
 (born 22 September 1968) is an American theatre and voice actress. She can currently be heard as Hilda on Eureka Seven, Along with voicing Rangiku Matsumoto on Bleach, and is the voice of Scarlet Garcia on Sonic X.


Best known for her anime dubbing work, Megan's most famous roles include Nurse Joy in the Pokémon anime series (along with Cassidy from Team Rocket), and Mai Valentine (Mai Kujaku in the English manga and original Japanese versions) in Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters in the original Japanese). She also lent her voice to the Enix RPG Valkyrie Profile series as Lenneth and its sequels. She can currently be heard as Hilda on Eureka Seven, Re-L in Ergo Proxy, Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach, and Shizune on Naruto. Megan's theatre résumé is as extensive, if less so, with roles in performances of The Duchess of MalfiBaptizing AdamSpacegrrrls, and Vinegar Tom, to name but a few. Megan studied acting at the William Esper Studio, and is a founding member of the Adirondack Theatre Festival. She serves as a yoga instructor in her spare time, and left 4Kids Entertainment during the start of Pokémon's 7th season.


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