E-51 Intelligente
E-51 Intelligente
(a.k.a. E-51 Teacher Robot in Japan) is a robot teacher designed to interact with kids.


Intelligente was originally designed to brainwash the children of Station Square into liking Doctor Eggman. Intelligente took over Christopher Thorndyke's classroom, evicting the current teacher Mr. Stewart. Despite Mr. Stewart's various unsuccessful attempts to expose Intelligente as a fraud, he proved to be a highly capable teacher, and quickly earned the respect of the children. Intelligente soon decided not to serve Eggman, even telling Bokkun that he would protect the children no matter what Eggman did. However, when Eggman himself arrived, he quickly forced Intelligente to obey him again. He attacked Sonic the Hedgehog with missiles but Sonic dodged all of his missiles and destroyed him.[1]

E-51 Intelligente was then seen in Sonic X #3 alongside with Decoe and Bocoe in a classroom scene.


  • "Intelligente" is the Spanish, French and Italian word for "Intelligent".
  • Darren Dunstan provided the English voice of E-51 Intelligente.



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