Area 99

Area 99 is a location that appears in the Sonic X anime series. It is the secret military and research base established by G.U.N, which houses much of the military's weapons. It is located in the midst of a desert near the edge of a cliff.


When Cream and Cheese were found by humans when they arrived on Earth, they were taken to Area 99 where they were held hostage by the military and had research conducted on them. When Sonic learned that Cream and Cheese were kept at Area 99, he was taken there by Chris and Chuck Thorndyke and infiltrated the facility. Eventually he reached the door to the lab where the scientists were examining Cream and Cheese.

While Sonic was cautious to escape from the facility with Cream and Cheese, the power suddenly went off, giving him the chance to free Cream and Cheese and escape with them. However, the power soon returned, leaving Sonic, Cream and Cheese to run for their lives as the security surveillance cameras began shooting lasers at them. The facility's security guards eventually activated their shutdown procedures in an attempt to trap Sonic, Cream and Cheese, but they were too fast and it led to unintentionally shutting down the power of Area 99 once again. This resulted in the laser cameras going out of control, but Sonic, Cream and Cheese managed to escape from them safely.

Archie Comics

Area 99 also appears in the Sonic X comic series.


  • When Chris explained about Area 99, Sonic notes that the facility is similar to that of a typical base of Dr. Eggman.
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